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I rambled until it couldn't fit!

My name is Kevin Zachary Afghani. I currently live and work around LA.

I decided to become a voice actor for a single reason; my absolute love for animation and video games. They are some of the most genuinely exciting forms of art that I have ever seen. Characters that exist only within the context of their media allow this art to transform into a beautifully immersive experience like no other. Whether that experience is fun, bubbly, dark, or moving, this art form is truly amazing and I absolutely had to become a part of it.

Characters are made up of a lot of things, but passion is what makes them truly exist. A writers passion, a directors passion, an actors passion, and so many more. I want to lend my passion to whatever characters I can. I want to give a piece of myself to the things that I love and that is really it.

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